Do you EVER Discuss your Website?

Posted on March 20, 2013

Do you ever discuss your website?

What is with these companies that leave their website to rot for years never to be updated again since the last time in 2000, when it was first built.

Maybe that’s not you. Or maybe you know a business that sounds just like that.

For a lot of companies their website is merely just a commodity past around like some unwanted cold that ends up becoming some poor persons sole responsibility to look after. And yes I can’t actually believe I’m saying this in 2013!

The whole company should take responsibility for their website and not just one lonely member of staff.

You should be proud of it.

If your website stinks and looks like the rear end of a baboon’s backside then people probably aren’t going to take your company very seriously. I know I wouldn’t.

But even if your website looks pretty nice, is it usable? Can your website visitors actually find what they are looking for and use it easily?

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