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faith based decisions

Stop Listening to Assumptions and Guesswork

This is a topic very close to my heart, one I’m extremely passionate about. Key information that needs drilling into so, so many companies that have an online presence big and small.

Following on from Avinash Kaushik’s exceptional blog post Online Marketing Still A Faith Based Initiative where he talks about the following:

For all the data that is available online to businesses, we still rely mainly on faith based decisions. The problem he says, lies not with how we measure, the problem lies with you (company executives).

Avinash states three important reasons to answer why in a world so full of data, so empowering when it comes to relevance and creativity…why is it we suck so much at online measurement:

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website marketing social media 2011

Slides & Blog Post Goodies from the Yorkshire Expo

Posted on July 13, 2011

Well, I have literally just got back from a busy day speaking at the Yorkshire Expo. First of all, can I personally thank everyone who attended my talk and thanks for sticking around to listen to me. It was nice to see some familiar and friendly faces in the audience today.

As promised and as is tradition after every talk here are my Presentation Slides.

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website marketing social media 2011

Smartdog digital Slides from Action Coach in York

Posted on April 11, 2011

Smartdog digital recently had the pleasure of speaking for Action Coach in York on Friday 8th of April.I was invited to speak at the event by Mandy Hildred, one of Action Coach Master Business Coaches.

Mandy had previously heard me speak at the Feberation of Small Businesses in York.

Mandy herself has been coaching for 5 years, and has so far helped over 35 businesses from a multitude of industries, including: retail, wholesale, import/export, manufacturing, service and IT.

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why you should be using pay per click

Why you SHOULD use Pay Per Click Advertising?

I original wrote the makings of this post in a discussion on the ‘Yorkshire Mafia LinkedIn group‘ in response to a question about ‘Why bother with pay per click advertising on Google?’ I wanted to share this with you my readers and demystify people’s opinions of pay per click advertising or (PPC) for short.

In 2009 in the UK, paid for search accounted for 60.7% of online adverting spend. Display and Classifieds accounted for 20% and 19.1% respectively. – IAB/PwC 2009 UK Online Adspend Study, April 2010

That’s a really high percentage of online advertising spent on pay per click and it is obviously working for a large percentage of businesses in the UK.

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