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Website Analytics

Keep it Simple

Website Analytics Keeping it Simple

Posted on August 29, 2010

This blog post came about after reading Joanna Butler’s brilliant blog post Turning Website Analytics into Child’s Play. I wanted to follow on from what Joanna was talking about and add my thoughts to making your web analytics data more fun and not a chore. For reference this post assumes you have a basic understand of website analytics, I will be doing a post in the future teaching you about the basics of website analytics.

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How to Link your Google Adwords Account to your Google analytics?

How to Link your Google Adwords Account to your Google analytics?

Posted on March 8, 2010

This brief guide will help you link your Google Adwords account successfully to your Google analytics account.  Many of the accounts I have taken over from clients have lacked this feature correctly setup which is a problem if you want to see the “big picture”.

If you are only looking at your Adwords data for reporting on your advertising spend, then you are only getting half the picture, how do you know what happens after those clicks?

Well that’s where Google analytics comes in… Google analytics is a free web analytics tool used by millions of companies world-wide to track the performance of their website traffic and analyse their websites engagement with visitors. You can setup an account here.

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I am Google Analytics Qualified

Posted on July 19, 2009

Passed first time but if your asking it was solid! But I’ll give you the links to make passing it easier. I got 82% not bad for a couple days revision, but it helps if you’ve had first hand experience with Google analytics like myself.

Although this only proves I am a confident user of Google analytics, it’s nice to know that all those hours of learning analytics and playing around with it in my spare time paid off. After all I do offer Google analytics consultancy to my clients.

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