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austin hayes website launched

Smartdog digital Re-designs Austin Hayes Website

Posted on April 1, 2011

Exciting news at Smartdog digital HQ this week! We’ve recently completed the re-design and re-launch of Austin Hayes Limited new company website.

You didn’t think we did website design did you?

Well we do, we don’t like to massively advertise the fact because we aren’t trying to be another web design company or follow the trend of digital agencies who offer every single web service available. Smartdog digital is a specialist online marketing consultancy firm and we are lucky to work with some the best freelancer web designers & developers available in Yorkshire.

Austin Hayes Limited, which has spent over 50 years providing abrasive shot blasting, expoy paint cotaings and metal spraying to industry. Austin Hayes also specialise in the recycling of refurbishing ammunition containers and munitions packaging.

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Improving the Creative Design Process

Improving the Creative Design Process

I wanted to share with you all my recent experience dealing with design briefs and taking into account specific advice from some of the fantastic designers I’m currently working with.

The goal of this blog post is to help you make your design process more streamline and if your a client, to help you keep the project moving in the direction it should be, helping you to instruct the designer more clearly. This post is a continuation from my recent post on  ‘How to get the Best from your Website Designer.’

With any design work, wether it be designing a business card, website design or presentation a clear brief is always required to ensure the designer can work freely to create the best work possible.

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Mobile Websites 5 Tools to Help you Create One Cheaply

When I was presenting at North East Expo 2010 earlier this week, a couple of people asked me how easy it was to get a mobile version of their website developed. There are many good web designers and companies out there who can build your existing website code to be adaptable for mobile deceives.

In fact, I was listening to the wonderful Simon Collison speak at Hull Digital Live last week, Simon happens to be one of the most respected website designers in the UK. His talk was all about considering designing adaptive systems in website design layouts/ structure and how they should be flexible and adaptable for mobile devices.

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