Domino’s Pizza offers Foursquare Mayors Discounts in the UK

I’m going to tell you about one man’s love for Pizza and how that love for Pizza came to me writing this blog post. I’ve always had a soft spot for Pizza, it’s one of my most favourite foods. Why? Because, it’s the staple diet of students through university, yes it is certainly that. For me though, Pizza […]

Round up of the Top 50 UK Retailers on Twitter

I’ve put together this list of the Top 50 UK retailers from 2009, according to the report derived from the UK’s Top 500 Retailers online company profile service by the Retail Knowledge Bank. I’ve had fun looking at this data, it’s really opened my eyes to few things I didn’t know about the Top 50 UK […]

Defining the R in ROI for Social Media

This post is in response to Chris Norton’s blog post about the ROI on social media. As marketeers we constantly get measured by our results, especially how much return on investment we can generate from our marketing efforts. A lot of people ask the same question about social media ‘What is my return on investment […]