Think Visibility 2010 was ace – My Review

Thank you notes firstly… Firstly, thanks to Dom (The Hodge) Hodgson for putting together another fantastic Think Visibility to great success, also thanks to “the team” behind the scenes especially @tnash @carolynlyn (thanks for keeping me calm Carolyn!). Also thanks to @KarynFleeting for her support during the event, it’s always nice to have a friendly […]

How to Link your Google Adwords Account to your Google analytics?

This brief guide will help you link your Google Adwords account successfully to your Google analytics account.  Many of the accounts I have taken over from clients have lacked this feature correctly setup which is a problem if you want to see the “big picture”. If you are only looking at your Adwords data for […]

Multilingual Online Marketing and International SEO

The perennial problem of how best to target domestic markets via the web isn’t one that’s likely to be resolved anytime soon. For those that are new to the world of online marketing, the bad news is that there’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ solution covering every industry sector or consumer […]

Online Marketing Keep it Simple

When people talk about online marketing being used in business , it’s very easy to over complicate the internet as a marketing and advertising medium. In the UK, Internet advertising expenditure is the only medium expected to grow in 2009 (by +2.3%) ZenithOptimedia, March 2009 Because of the new technology and the speed in which […]