Is Facebook Leading to a Breakdown in Friendships and Real-World Socialising?

As part of the so called “Facebook generation“ and having used the social network in its very infancy, I think I am fairly well placed to pass some judgment on the thoughts of my generation. This blog post is my personal thoughts on Facebook and its place in real-life relationships.

How to Find New Twitter Followers using Twitter Search

Today, I’ve put together this short tutorial on how to effectively use Twitters very own search to find potential new followers for your Twitter account. Twitters Search Engine is a very powerful tool, it allows you to search for keywords and tweet with real time results. Using Twitter search can be a great way to […]

5 Take Away Discussions from the Leeds Mashable Event

Following on from Matt Murray’s excellent round up of the Leeds Mashable Event which took place last night at the The Living Room on Greek Street Leeds, hosted by Wolfstar Consultancy. I thought I’d add my thoughts and outline the key points and discussions that were talked about.

Domino’s Pizza offers Foursquare Mayors Discounts in the UK

I’m going to tell you about one man’s love for Pizza and how that love for Pizza came to me writing this blog post. I’ve always had a soft spot for Pizza, it’s one of my most favourite foods. Why? Because, it’s the staple diet of students through university, yes it is certainly that. For me though, Pizza […]