Online Marketing Leeds & Harrogate: A Background to the Industry

Many people who work in the online marketing industry believe Leeds has become a lot like London in terms of the number of digital agencies that have sprung up over the last couple of years to service the marketing needs of business in the Yorkshire area.

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I am Google Analytics Qualified

Passed first time but if your asking it was solid! But I’ll give you the links to make passing it easier. I got 82% not bad for a couple days revision, but it helps if you’ve had first hand experience with Google analytics like myself.

Although this only proves I am a confident user of Google analytics, it’s nice to know that all those hours of learning analytics and playing around with it in my spare time paid off. After all I do offer Google analytics consultancy to my clients.

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The Future of Football Club Websites

Is the new Manchester City FC website the prime example of how football club websites should be designed?

Since the takeover of the club by Abu Dhabi United Group last year was completed, the Manchester City board have been busy transforming the club into a top club that will compete for honours with the best clubs in the world.

It seems that not just signing quality footballing talent such as Robinho, Tevez and Gareth Barry are the only important steps in improving and developing a modern, global forward thinking club.

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Social Media for Small Business – How do I make money from Twitter?!

Since the recent rise in the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other such social media websites, we have seen social media play an increasingly more important roll in today’s digital business strategy.

I personally believe social media marketing to be an essential part of any SMEs overall digital strategy as it gives you the ability to move beyond any geographical, logistical or economic restrictions to reach out and connect with an entirely new customer group or demographic.

At the digital agency I work for at the time of writing this, we have had  recent success using Facebook to advertise the services of Oscar UK a senior concessions website offering discounts and concessions to the over 50s online

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