Social Media Gurus are Bullsh*t

Before I begin this post let me start by saying there are far too many people in this industry who ‘one day’ decided that their boring day job isn’t for them. They have now decide to join ‘the cool kids‘ and become a newly acclaimed social media coach (if such a title should be allowed yet).

I am simply going to tell you that you shouldn’t hire someone who calls themselves a ‘Social Media Guru‘ or ‘Expert‘, other people should be calling you that for starters. Make up you’re own mind if you agree or not, frankly it is becoming a disease, a plague, there a far too many people ruining small businesses overall perceptions of social media.

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The Importance of Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics can both simple and complicated. At its very base level, it is essentially the process of collecting data about the activity of website visitors who come to your website and by using that data to give you usable and relevant results that you can use to guide your business decisions online and ultimately improve your website performance.

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Smartdog digital Shortlisted for Leeds ‘Freelance’ Award

We’ve made the Digitally Leeds Shortlist

I’ve personally been shortlisted for the Digitally Leeds Awards, which is part of the series of Leeds Digital Festival events. The awards are being put on by Dom Hodgson of Hodgetastic. Some of you will recognise Dom’s name before as the organiser and founder of Think Visibility, the very best SEO conference in the whole of the North.

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The Quest for the Holy WordPress Theme

Smartdog digital version 2.0 is now live and with a bit of a new re-fresh to our current service offering. I felt that my old website (as good as it was visually) didn’t reflect where the company had now moved to over the last 12 months.

Every single website no matter how good needs to continually be improved upon, tested and then refined. Even an online marketers website!

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7 Tips to Become a Better Corporate Blogger

The pen is often said to be mightier than the sword, but in the digital age an effective and engaging corporate blog is one of the most invaluable weapons any business who cares about maximising their full potential online should possess.

Here’s an interesting fact for you to ponder. Did you know that small businesses with corporate blogs generate over 50 percent more traffic than those companies who are stuck in the dark ages and don’t blog?

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