Round Up of WordPress Tips & Advice Guest Posts

I’ve recently being guest blogging at, FrogsThemes are a Premium WordPress Theme & Template Development company.

This post is a round up of my guest blogging featured on the Frog Blog over the last couple of months, all the posts are on WordPress Inspiriation, Tips & Advice.

A lot of my readers & new visitors to my website will find these blog posts insightful and very helpful if your using WordPress to build websites or run your blog on.

Right on to the posts then…

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Smartdog digital Slides from Action Coach in York

Smartdog digital recently had the pleasure of speaking for Action Coach in York on Friday 8th of April.I was invited to speak at the event by Mandy Hildred, one of Action Coach Master Business Coaches.

Mandy had previously heard me speak at the Feberation of Small Businesses in York.

Mandy herself has been coaching for 5 years, and has so far helped over 35 businesses from a multitude of industries, including: retail, wholesale, import/export, manufacturing, service and IT.

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Smartdog digital Re-designs Austin Hayes Website

Exciting news at Smartdog digital HQ this week! We’ve recently completed the re-design and re-launch of Austin Hayes Limited new company website.

You didn’t think we did website design did you?

Well we do, we don’t like to massively advertise the fact because we aren’t trying to be another web design company or follow the trend of digital agencies who offer every single web service available. Smartdog digital is a specialist online marketing consultancy firm and we are lucky to work with some the best freelancer web designers & developers available in Yorkshire.

Austin Hayes Limited, which has spent over 50 years providing abrasive shot blasting, expoy paint cotaings and metal spraying to industry. Austin Hayes also specialise in the recycling of refurbishing ammunition containers and munitions packaging.

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10 Ways You Can Clean Up Your Blog

As it’s March and now is the time for giving your life & blog a spring cleaning, I’d thought I’d update the blog with this great guest post by James Adams.

Creating and regularly updating a blog can be the perfect way to promote yourself or your business. Visitors to your blog can see what your business has to offer and how it has progressed, it can allow others to get a feel for your personality as you add personal touches to your blog entries.

However, just like anything else a blog needs to be maintained and “cleaned” regularly or else it can become cluttered, messy, and otherwise difficult to read. Nobody wants to view a blog like this, so if you wish to have visitors to your blog you can keep it cleaned up with these tips.

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Get More from Your Online Marketing in 2011

2011 is the year to start taking your online marketing seriously!

We have just launched some brand new services to help you maximise the opportunities online marketing presents for your business.

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